Three Ways to Boost Community Communications

Three Ways to Boost Community Communications

Clear and consistent communication is crucial for keeping residents and board members informed and happy—however, many HOAs need to update their communication standards.

If you still rely on outdated forms of communication, it will be more difficult for your community to respond promptly to board members and residents, which can harm the relationship.

Luckily, with the assistance of technology, you can facilitate communication and improve visibility for everybody. This post from our Community Communication App experts offers some simple ways to strengthen communications and build more meaningful connections with the residents and community you manage.

Dispatch updates and reminders through text messages

Today's residents and board members anticipate receiving information about their association quickly and easily from their cell phones. Whether an update about pool renovations or reminders to pay association fees — they desire information without needing to call or visit the office.

The most practical way to streamline these updates and reminders is via text. By implementing a contemporary association management solution with texting capabilities directly constructed into an online portal, you can notify residents anytime with just a couple of taps.

You can create strong lines of communication with your associations with mobile communication tools. For example, with our Community Communication App, you can instantly email and text board members and residents. It makes things simple when there's a crisis or a storm — you can let everyone know what to do at once. That is extremely valuable in communications because you can keep everybody informed.

Provide ways to self-serve

In addition to getting updates and reminders, residents and board members also like to finalize tasks from cell phones unassisted. While it might seem unrelated to communication, self-service implements, like a portal for online payments and architectural requests, play a significant role in transparency because they terminate the friction residents encounter when communicating with community management.

Self-service implements also boost residents' and board members' happiness because they allow them to accomplish work faster and access information more quickly. The advantages also spread to your team by reducing the number of one-off telephone calls and emails they need to respond to, allowing them to improve communication and provide high-quality services.

For instance, you can use the self-service tools in our Community Communication App to provide residents and board members with the types of contemporary experiences they desire and anticipate. Our clients are surprised they can pull up our Community Communication App on their phones and have the HOA at their fingertips to make life easier.

Create virtual board meetings

In answer to the pandemic, many HOAs began virtual board meetings to remain secure and connected, and now, after witnessing the benefits, they have decided to continue this practice. By shifting to virtual sessions, you can provide your residents and board members more flexibility and enhance communication and engagement.

Many HOA managers have encountered the advantages of transitioning to virtual gatherings firsthand: Engagement increases because people don't have to travel to come to board meetings.

These are a few simple ways to boost community communications. Visit our homepage now to learn more about our Community Communication App.

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