Common Condo Service Requests

Common Condo Service Requests

One of the most critical responsibilities of a condo property manager is addressing service requests or work orders presented by residents. Service requests significantly vary in nature and scope in a condo community. The wonderful thing is that a majority of them are common. They happen regularly and can be managed quickly. However, for common service requests to be handled seamlessly, you must have a sound system and know-how to fix them. The process generally involves communication with residents and maintenance specialists, following progress, and authorizing entry. The initial step is to acknowledge what the typical service requests are. Experts from our HOA Communication App identified these common service requests.

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing issues are generally the residents' responsibility. Most problems involving plumbing are classified as 'minor' and, therefore, problems that residents can address. However, more complicated plumbing problems demand specialists in a small number of circumstances. In such situations, a resident's correct course of action is to contact the property manager and introduce a service request as quickly as possible. The property manager then assesses the problem and hires a plumbing professional. In most circumstances with complicated plumbing problems, defects may lead to more significant issues affecting other units. Therefore, time is of the essence, and a proper service request system works wonders.

Wall and Floor Problems

Generally, problems involving walls and floors are usually considered 'minor' because they do not pose any risk or affect other units. Instead, they are problems that need to be fixed by the residents. For such issues, it is helpful to have support contacts available for residents to consult independently. However, if there are foundational problems that affect other units, it is smart to give a service request to the property manager, so the proper steps are taken to mitigate damages. In such circumstances, professionals specializing in those problems are called upon by the property manager.

Common Areas and Facilities

Most spaces outside a resident's unit are common areas and facilities. When residents see a problem in a common area, they should report it to the property manager through a service request. Examples of problems in common areas can range from troubles with plumbing, walls, or gym equipment to lighting or issues outside of the building itself. While it is not a resident's responsibility to report it, it would be the smart thing to do because while these areas are shared, they are also the collective property of the condo owners.

The best way to resolve common and major problems is to have a proper system that allows for transparent communication between the players involved, scheduling features, and reporting. In addition, such automation will allow a property manager to have better organization and reduce the burden of managing multiple issues simultaneously. Experts from our HOA Communication App are more than happy to share their experience dealing with service requests and discover if our App with service request features will be valuable for you. Feel free to call us anytime!

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