Common Street Maintenance Issues in a Home Community

Common Street Maintenance Issues in a Home Community


Homeowners association (HOA) communities offer numerous benefits, including community events, amenities for residents, and well-maintained common areas such as streets and sidewalks. Without proper maintenance, issues with these areas can arise and become a major concern for residents. In this blog post, we will discuss common street maintenance issues in home communities and how HOA service request management software, such as Safehouse Systems, can help address and manage these problems efficiently.


1. Potholes and Cracks

Potholes and cracks are common problems that can be seen in streets within a home community. Potholes and cracks can cause problems for drivers, cyclists, and even pedestrians and can potentially be hazardous or cause accidents. They can also cause damage to vehicles, which can lead to costly repairs. HOA management companies can help by creating a proactive routine maintenance strategy, such as filling and patching damaged areas and monitoring potential problem areas.

2. Drainage Issues

Drainage issues in HOA communities can be a significant problem, especially during and after heavy rainfalls. A clogged drain can lead to flooding and damage the surroundings, including sidewalks and streets. Proper drainage is essential and requires regular cleaning and maintenance. HOA service request management software can help ensure that maintenance tasks are carried out and tracked.

3. Fading and Worn Paint

Street lines and markers are essential for keeping traffic flowing and keeping people safe. Fading and worn paint can become a safety hazard, leading to traffic confusion and risks of accidents. HOA management companies should regularly inspect street lines and markers and replace them, if necessary, to ensure that drivers can navigate safely.

4. Sidewalk and Curb Damage

Residents in HOA communities take pride in their home's appearance, but poorly maintained sidewalks and curbs can detract from the overall community aesthetic. Damages such as cracks and potholes can also be hazardous for pedestrians, leading to trips, falls, and other injuries. HOA service request management software can help residents report issues and track the repair and replacement process.

5. Street Overcrowding

HOA communities can experience overcrowding in streets, leading to parking problems and accidents. Overcrowding can also lead to difficulty in emergency vehicles responding to calls during peak hours. HOA management companies can create clear parking policies and enforce them, reducing overcrowding.



In summary, the well-being and safety of a community lie in proper maintenance of its surroundings. HOA service request management software such as Safehouse Systems can simplify and streamline the maintenance process. The software can also help keep track of maintenance tasks, and its regular use can lead to timely repairs and a safer community environment. Contact Safehouse Systems today to learn more about how HOA service request management software can help you maintain and improve your community's common areas.

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