How Community Communication Software Differs from Social Media

How Community Communication Software Differs from Social Media

Social media seems like a logical community communication solution. Most people already frequent these channels, know how to utilize them, and have a sense of familiarity and connection operating these platforms, so why steer away from them? For example, you may have witnessed your HOA management team already utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. They employ it to reach customers, recruit team members and post good news. Why can't they use these channels to connect with you as a resident? You check these channels every day anyway! Why not begin a conversation? Social media channels are excellent tools for communicating a brand story or products to a broader audience, but how does sharing information in community communication software work?

Own the community and space

What you create in your community stays yours and won't be pushed around or sold to others without your knowledge. Listen to your community and tell them more about what they are interested in or need to know.

High Engagement Levels

Within your own community communication software, there are no distractions. You only see content created or shared by your members. It is focused, curated content that keeps community members informed.

Make your community feel comfortable

You determine how your community communications look and feel and the community experience members will have. Don't be at the mercy of determinations made by a social media giant. Stay consistent and reliable for your community. If you want to make community changes, communication software lets your residents know what will happen.

Offer an Ad-free space to residents

Social Media is known for its constant streams of advertising. However, in your community communication software, you can reach members of your community ad-free.

Manage the community with ease

Our community communication software offers all the flexibility you want and need within your group. Most social channels have extremely limited groups, and site managers are left powerless to help their communities when things go wrong. With community communication software, HOA managers have strong administration rights that allow them to foster and protect their community. In addition, you can control the outcome of reported incidents according to your community regulations.

The solutions are within your community

It is mind-blowing how much undiscovered skill lies within your pool of residents. What can they tell you? With community communication software, you can discover a lot about your unique community. Residents and HOA board members can communicate concerns, community needs, security risks, community events, and much more. Listening to your community helps you promote and share appropriate content and recognize gaps in what content needs to be added.

You were trying to locate a tool to enhance community communication. You should have a clearer understanding of how popular Social Media channels are essential tools used to spread awareness of brands and missions. However, it isn't a tool that will enhance your community communication. Maybe you want to learn more about Community Communication Software and its advantages. All you have to do is contact us, and we will show you everything you need to know!

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