How to Properly Notify your HOA about Maintenance or Repair Issues

How to Properly Notify your HOA about Maintenance or Repair Issues

If you own or rent a property that is part of a homeowners association (HOA), you may encounter maintenance and repair issues from time to time. Informing your HOA about these issues as soon as possible is crucial to preventing further damages and ensuring the safety of all residents. So, in this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of notifying your HOA about maintenance and repair issues and what information you should provide. 

First and foremost, before you notify your HOA about any maintenance or repair issues, it’s essential to refer to your property's governing documents. These documents will lay out the specific guidelines and procedures regarding maintenance and repair issues. Some HOAs may require you to submit a written request while others may prefer a phone call or email.

Once you know the correct method of reporting the particular problem, document all the details related to the issue. For example, if you have a water leak, you should write down when you first noticed it, how severe it is, and the exact location of the leak. Furthermore, make sure to take pictures of the problem if applicable. These details and photos should be included in your request to the HOA.

When submitting your request, make sure to be as detailed as possible. Clearly describe the issue, the steps you’ve taken to try to fix it, and whether it’s getting worse or not. If applicable, mention any urgency that the HOA should be aware of that may require immediate attention. If there are rules that the HOA must follow, for example, regarding repair time standards, quote them and refer to them in your report.

It's also important to keep communication open. After submitting your request, follow up with the HOA to confirm it was received and inquire about repair timelines. If there are any changes to the timeline or the HOA’s responsibilities regarding the issue, the HOA should inform you as soon as possible.

Lastly, keep in mind some practical tips. Be polite and respectful when communicating with the HOA, and don’t assume that your issue has top priority or that the HOA is aware of the situation. Remember that in most cases, the HOA is doing its best to maintain the common areas and keep up with resident requests. 



In summary, notifying your HOA about maintenance and repair issues is crucial to maintaining a safe and secure living space for all residents. By referring to your governing documents, documenting all the details related to the problem, being detailed in your request, keeping communication open, and being polite, you’re ensuring that the HOA is well-informed and enabled to deal with the situation. If you’re looking for an HOA service request management software, contact Community Connect Systems today for more information, and they can assist you in streamlining the maintenance and repair process.

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