How to Submit an Effective Repair and Maintenance Request

How to Submit an Effective Repair and Maintenance Request


One of the most significant benefits of living in a community with an HOA is the ease of access to maintenance and repair services. But, submitting a repair request is not always as smooth as it seems. Sometimes, homeowners may end up submitting requests that do not get the desired attention from the property management company.

If the request is incomplete, vague or does not provide necessary details, it can lead to confusion and delays. You want to ensure that your requests are handled efficiently and promptly. To that end, in this article, we provide tips on how to submit a maintenance request that will get you the desired results.


1. Provide clear and detailed information

When submitting an HOA repair request, it is essential to provide clear and detailed information about the problem and its location. Along with this, you should provide information on the extent of the damage. Include a picture if possible. This will help the property management team identify the problem and the resources required to fix the issue.

2. Prioritize safety issues

While submitting a repair request, ensure that you prioritize safety issues. This way, property management will have an idea about the urgency of the problem and adjust their repairs timeline accordingly.

3. Submit requests online

Most HOA property management companies use an online system to manage service requests. Ensure that you use the community’s service portal to submit your requests. It’s a secure and straightforward way to ensure that your repair or maintenance needs are directed to the appropriate department.

4. Follow up

Keep track of your requests and follow up with the property management team to ensure that the job has been done. If there is any delay, find out the reason for it. Likely, they could need more information from you.

5. Be courteous 

It’s essential to remember to be patient and courteous with the maintenance and property management staff. When you submit a request, you should understand the workload that the property management team has. They may need to prioritize requests based on safety issues or the order in which a request was submitted.



Submitting an effective repair and maintenance request for your community or home requires some essential considerations to get the attention of the property management team. Ensuring that your request is clear, descriptive and timely is paramount. By doing this, it ensures that administrators are equipped to handle the problem efficiently. By following these guidelines, you can help the property management team maintain your community efficiently. If you live in an HOA community, our HOA service request management software is available, covering all aspects of property management, including managing requests efficiently. So, if you're looking for a reliable HOA service request management software, get in touch with us today, and let us help you keep your community running smoothly!

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