Most Common HOA Violations and How to Report Them

Most Common HOA Violations and How to Report Them


Living in a community with a Homeowners' Association (HOA) has many benefits, such as maintaining property values and keeping the neighborhood looking its best. However, some homeowners may unintentionally violate HOA rules and regulations, which can result in fines or legal action. In this blog post, we will discuss the most common HOA violations and how to report them, so you know what to look out for and how to avoid any issues.


1. Improper Maintenance

One of the most common HOA violations is improper property maintenance. This includes things like failing to maintain your lawn or yard, leaving trash out for extended periods of time, or not properly maintaining the exterior of your home. To avoid these violations, make sure to keep up with any maintenance required by your HOA. If you notice a neighbor violating these rules, inform your HOA and they will take it from there.

2. Parking Violations

Another common HOA violation is parking violations. Homeowners may use visitor parking spaces as their own, park on the street or in places they shouldn't. Be mindful of parking spaces and be vigilant about who is parking where in the neighborhood. If you have concerns, report it to your HOA and they will investigate the matter immediately.

3. Breaking Noise Restrictions

Noise can be a major problem in any neighborhood, and your HOA may have specific restrictions on things like quiet hours or loud music. If you are concerned your neighbor is routinely violating any noise rules, inform your HOA and they will step in to investigate.

4. Violation of Pets Restrictions

Many HOA communities have specific rules about pet ownership in their by-laws. For example, it may specify how many pets a homeowner can have, their size or breed. If you think your neighbor is not following the rules, report it to the HOA. They will investigate the matter and offer a solution accordingly.

5. Unsafe Structures

Structural violations are also common HOA violations. This can include things like adding a balcony or porch without prior approval. Furthermore, It is vital to keep the HOA informed if you are planning any construction or additions on your property. This will help avoid any violation and legal action in the future.



Living in an HOA community is plenty of benefits. However, it can be stressful if you are unaware of the rules and regulations. Although unintentional, some common violations can cause legal action and hefty fines. As witnessed in this blog post, many of the common violations can be avoided by keeping up with your property maintenance and informing the HOA about any concerns about your neighbor's violations. If you are looking for HOA communication app, reach out to Community Connect Systems, and their team of HOA specialists will guide you through the process.

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