Tips to Encourage Members to Use Your HOA communication software

Tips to Encourage Members to Use Your HOA communication software


Homeowners' associations (HOA) are responsible for governing communities by enforcing rules & regulations and ensuring the maintenance of facilities. HOA software has allowed them to keep records, communicate with its members, and receive payments conveniently. However, HOA apps are still underutilized, and members' engagement is not at the desired level. This blog post will provide you with tips to encourage the use of your HOA app by members.


1. Promote App at every opportunity

The promotion of the app is crucial to ensure that member engagement increases. Mention the HOA app in emails, on social media, in newsletters or community bulletins. A brief description of the app, its features, and its benefits to the members can encourage them to download & use the app. It's also important to have the app installed on devices and show its usability to technologically challenged members.

2. Provide App Tutorials

Not all members are comfortable with technology. The HOA board can provide tutorials on how to use the app. These tutorials can be made into instructional videos and posted on social media, the association's website, and sent via email. The tutorials must be concise and user-friendly to ensure comprehension by members.

3. Incentivize App Usage

HOA's can motivate members by incentivizing the app usage. For example, the board can offer discounts for events or facilities booking or provide exclusive content to those who engage more in the app. Setting goals or achievements can also help members stay motivated to keep using the app.

4. Feedback and Communication

Members benefit from feedback, and it creates a sense of ownership and inclusion. HOA's can create channels of communication through the app and encourage members to give feedback. Members can provide suggestions to improve the app and provide feedback on the effectiveness of communication.

5. Give Time

Members have busy schedules to cater to. It's essential to give the members time to understand the app and its features. Constant reminders by the board, tutorials and incentives can only do so much. It's crucial to let the members experience the benefits of the app and have the liberty to use them at their convenience.



The HOA app is a tool that can make administration of a community easier and more efficient. Encouraging its use by members, however, requires effort and a willingness to communicate with the members. The five tips mentioned above can help boards motivate members to use the HOA app and create a more responsive community overall. The goal is to help simplify communication, streamline processes, and ultimately enhance member experience. If you're looking for a HOA communication software, contact Community Connect Systems today for more information on our app and services.

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