Tips to Increase Homeowner Involvement

Tips to Increase Homeowner Involvement


Homeowner associations (HOAs) are tasked with managing several tasks for their communities. From maintaining public areas to managing community events, there’s a lot to get done. Homeowner involvement is crucial to make the HOA run smoothly. It’s important for HOAs to find ways to engage homeowners and encourage them to be active in the community. In this blog, we’ll share some tips to increase homeowner involvement and make the HOA a better place for everyone.


1. Keep communication channels open

HOAs must communicate with their homeowners regularly. It’s important to be transparent about decisions, events, and community updates. Make sure that homeowners can reach out to the HOA easily and that feedback is welcome. One effective way to facilitate communication is by using a HOA communication app. It can be used to share important messages, send polls, and facilitate discussions. Community Connect Systems offers an app that can be customized to the HOA’s specific needs and branding. By keeping communication open, HOAs can build trust and encourage homeowners to share their ideas and concerns.

2. Host community events

Community events are a great way to bring residents together, foster relationships, and build a sense of community. HOAs can host events like barbeques, pool parties, and holiday celebrations. Hosting events shows that the HOA cares about homeowner involvement and can encourage people to participate in the community. Be sure to advertise events on all communication channels to reach homeowners effectively.

3. Encourage volunteerism

Volunteering is a great way for homeowners to take charge of their community. HOAs can encourage people to join committees based on their skills, interest or time limit. Committees could be those for landscaping, safety, or finance. Volunteers can also help organize community events or lead activities like book clubs and sports teams. HOAs should acknowledge these volunteers by thanking them publicly and giving them recognition.

4. Simplify HOA management tasks

HOA management takes up a lot of time and resources. With the use of HOA software, management tasks can be streamlined and made easier. A management system can replace paper-based operations with digital records, facilitate communication, and simplify accounting. This can free up the HOA’s time and resources to focus on interacting with the community and increasing homeowner involvement.

5. Find ways to engage remote homeowners

With the increase in virtual work and remote living, more homeowners are moving into community associations. HOAs must find ways to engage these remote homeowners and make them feel included. One solution is to host virtual events that can be accessed through the HOA communication app. These events could be online meetings, workshops, or game nights. By finding ways to include remote homeowners, the HOA’s reach and engagement can increase.



HOAs can sometimes struggle to increase homeowner involvement. However, implementing the above tips can make a positive impact. By keeping communication channels open, hosting community events, encouraging volunteerism, simplifying management tasks, and including remote homeowners, HOAs can improve their relationships with the community. By partnering with Community Connect Systems, HOAs can improve communication by using their HOA communication app. This can help HOAs reach out to homeowners, facilitate conversation, and build trust. With this help, HOAs can help make their community a better and more engaged place to live in. Contact Community Connect Systems today to learn more.

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