HOA vs Homeowner Repairs: Making Sense of Your Service Requests

HOA vs Homeowner Repairs: Making Sense of Your Service Requests


Homeowner repairs can be quite the headache, especially when it comes to navigating through homeowners association (HOA) regulations. On the one hand, HOAs are responsible for maintaining many aspects of the community's overall upkeep, from the common areas to the external appearance of homes. On the other hand, individual homeowners are responsible for repairing certain parts of their property. The question then arises, who is responsible for what repairs? In this blog post, we will look at HOA vs homeowner repairs, and help make sense of your service requests.


First, it is important to understand what the HOA is and what they are responsible for. An HOA is a legal entity formed by a community of homeowners to manage and enforce rules and regulations designed to maintain the value and quality of their common property and facilities. This includes maintaining landscaping, common areas, and shared amenities such as swimming pools and playgrounds. HOAs are also responsible for enforcing community covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) that dictate the look and use of individual properties.

Now, let's talk about homeowner repairs. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining and repairing the inside of their homes, as well as any areas outside of their property lines, such as sidewalks and driveways. Additionally, homeowners are responsible for repairing anything that hasn't been defined as the HOA's responsibility in the community's CC&Rs or bylaws. Generally, this includes things like doorbells, light fixtures, and other fixtures that are attached to the home.

However, there is some overlap between the HOA's responsibilities and the individual homeowner's responsibilities. For example, a community's CC&Rs may state that the HOA is responsible for maintaining a homeowner's roof, but only if it was built to certain specifications or if it was damaged due to a natural disaster. Similarly, the HOA may be responsible for the exterior of the home, but only up to a certain point on the walls or roof. Homeowners are responsible for the rest.

So, what does this mean for your service requests? Generally, if a repair falls under the homeowners' responsibilities, they should contact a repair service and have the work done. However, if the repair falls under the HOA's responsibilities, the homeowner will need to file a service request with the HOA. The HOA will then either complete the work themselves or contract with a service provider to address the issue. 

It is important to note that each HOA has its own set of rules and guidelines when it comes to service requests and repairs. The best way to ensure that you are following the correct protocol is to carefully review your community's CC&Rs and bylaws, and to communicate with your HOA board or property management company as needed.



HOA vs homeowner repairs can be a tricky issue to navigate, but understanding the responsibilities of each party can help streamline the repair process. Homeowners should review their community's CC&Rs and bylaws to understand what falls under their responsibility and what falls under the HOA's responsibility. When in doubt, contact your HOA board or property management company for guidance. And if you're a homeowner looking for a user-friendly HOA service request management software, be sure to contact Community Connect Systems for more information.

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