Powerful Technology that Helps Secure the Safety & Property
of Association Residents.

Silent Protect Residential is built on the same platform as Shield Group's Silent Protect law enforcement technology and was designed with major law enforcement agencies. It gives residents world-class security technology that enables them to alert Association security 24/7, providing security with the information they need to come to their aid quickly and effectively.

Instant, GEO-Tagged, Silent Alert, Communication and Information to Association Security.

Silent Protect provides a direct, silent, two-way communications link between residents and their Association security, providing security personnel with vital information about the resident's threat or concern.

The silent alert feature enables the resident to silently alert security when calling and speaking could accelerate an already threatening situation.

Silent Protect

Tap One Button and Association Security Knows Exactly Where Help is Needed

When the alert button is tapped, the GPS location of the resident is transmitted to Association security. Indoors or outside, 24/7, anywhere in the community, residents are instantly linked with security.

The GPS location of the resident stops transmitting after the threat is over and does not ever activate unless the alert button is tapped.


Association Security Can Silently Listen to What is
Happening When You Cannot Safely Talk

Tapping the alert button activates the device's microphone, allowing security to hear what is happening while they are in route to the resident.
The smartphone's speaker, however, is not activated. Anyone who is posing a threat remains unaware that help is on the way and that a communication line is open to Association security.
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Options Available to Residents

Residents Have the Option to Record and Send Video of Threats

Silent Protect Residential has the ability to transmit both photos and videos to Association security. The user can easily take a photo or send an existing one during the emergency.

The user can record a video or send a previously recorded video to Association security with the touch of a button. It is silently delivered to Association security without the knowledge of those posing the threat.

Silent 2-Way Chat with
Association Security Option

When a resident cannot safely speak to Association security, they have the option to initiate silent 2-way chat. This feature operates silently using vibration for incoming texts from Association security to avoid compromising the user’s silent communication with Association security.

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Secure registration is quick and easy with self-filling fields and the ability to easily make corrections.

Step 1

Sign in one-time
after registration.

Step 2

After registration, the user signs-in to begin using Silent Protect Residential.

Step 3

Security Operator Overview

Security Operator Overview

Incoming Alert Calls

All incoming alerts trigger a continuous audible alert at security HQ.

Details of Incoming Resident Alert

Security can chat with the person in distress and silently listen to unfolding events, hear the other side and see the GPS location of the resident's location.

Optional Response Monitoring Services Available

  • Silent Protect Residential provides 24/7 backup monitoring and rapid response to all resident communications, delivering prompt and trustworthy service as an additional feature.
  • Silent Protect monitoring can be employed 24/7/365 or adjusted easily to meet your community needs.
Community Connect Systems
Community Connect Systems

Capability to Broadcast Security Messages to Every Resident at the Same Time

Silent Protect Residential provides Association security and property management with the ability to instantly and silently broadcast alert messages, information and instructions to all residents, employees and others in the community.

When every resident of the community needs to know about a threat, everyone can be instantly sent information & instructions to their smart phones. The message can include photos, videos or plain text.

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