SPR Onboarding

Silent Protect Residential Onboarding

Hosted by  Rachel Pace

In this high-level overview, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with Silent Protect Residential. We’ll show you how to get around, so you know where to find everything, and demonstrate the 3 key features you’ll need to understand to immediately unlock the core benefits of our platform.

GPS Boundaries

Hosted by  Rachel Pace

You will learn how to create maps of your communities’ boundaries that Silent Protect Residential will use.

Silent Protect Dispatch Training Overview

Hosted by  Rachel Pace, Gordon Llewellyn

Silent Protect Residential Dispatch, we welcome you to our training overview. By engaging in this overview, participants will gain an understanding of the various training stages for our Dispatch users. We strongly advise security personnel to review this webinar to get ready for the training and recognize how it can benefit the residents.

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